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Charles Sheeler:

July is the birthday month of two influential Modernists from the Crystal Bridges collection: Charles Sheeler (July 16, 1883 – May 7, 1965) and Edward Hopper (July 22, 1882 – May 15, 1967). We’ll talk about Hopper a bit later in the week.  Today we’ll focus on Charles Sheeler.   Sheeler was best known for… Read more »

Charles Sheeler

CR(eat)E Food Blog:  Warhol Over Water

Warhol, succotash, and fried chicken were all part of the experience at last night’s Wednesday Over Water in the Great Hall celebrating Crystal Bridges’ newest temporary exhibition, Warhol’s Nature.  Museum curator Chad Alligood helped co-host an evening chock full of discussion about Andy Warhol’s affinity for nature, as well as a surprise picnic basket delivered… Read more »

Chicken in a basket, delivered to the table for WOW guests.

artinfusion Member profile: Whitney Yoder

We’d like our blog readers to meet a few of the Members of Crystal Bridges’ young professionals group, artinfusion. This is an affinity group within the Museum’s membership that is designed to provide social networking and art experiences especially for Members ages 21 to 40s. Artinfusion offers events for its membership and their guests that feature networking… Read more »

artinfusion Member Whitney Yoder

CR(eat)E Food Blog:  To the Bitters End

The Eleven Mixologists have been on a serious bitters crusade lately; in fact, we’ve been making our own homespun versions of these cocktail accoutrements that are rooted (pun intended) in medicinal practices.  But what precisely IS a bitter, you ask?  In essence they are very stylized, concentrated liquor essences that are added to cocktails to… Read more »

The Warhol

Traveling with Crystal Bridges

Have you heard of Crystal Bridges’ Member Travel Program?  Periodically, the Museum arranges regional, national, or even international trips. These are great opportunities for Members to travel with Museum staff and take advantage of unique opportunities to get special tours, learn from the experts, or get access to private collections.  All Crystal Bridges Members are… Read more »

Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa, Oklahoma

A Chat with Jamie Wyeth

In honor of artist Jamie Wyeth’s birthday today, I am posting some snippets from my interview with Wyeth this winter.  Crystal Bridges will host a retrospective of Wyeth’s work from July 25 through October 5.  And Wyeth himself will visit the Museum on July 24 for a Keynote Presentation in the Great Hall.  More of… Read more »

Jamie Wyeth. Photo by Jennifer Corbett, The News Journal.

LOVE Lost (temporarily)

We are losing the LOVE on Crystal Bridges’ South Lawn.  Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture is being de-installed this week.   But not to worry, the loss is temporary:  the sculpture is simply moving into the Museum’s vault so our preparators and Grounds crew can install a new, larger base for it, which will give it better… Read more »


Trail Guide Travels

Volunteer Tour Guides at Crystal Bridges receive copious in-museum training to prepare them for their role , but once they have passed their tests and become full-fledged Guides, the Museum continues to offer learning opportunities to enhance their volunteer experience and the experiences of the guests they tour. Today, Guide Program Assistant Allie Britt gives us the… Read more »

Mary Ann King--Tour of Nursery