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Fellowship Opportunity for Teachers!

If you’re an educator who’s been longing to follow up on an ambitious research project to develop resources for your classroom, Crystal Bridges offers a terrific opportunity to develop your ideas. Summer plans for one talented educator this year could include four weeks in residence at Crystal Bridges with a $4,000 stipend from the William Reese Company… Read more »


Tips for Digital Photography

Next Wednesday a new Studio Studies class series on the art of digital photography begins at Crystal Bridges, taught by local photographer Kat Wilson.  (Just in time for the opening of the upcoming photography exhibition, The Open Road.)  This is an introductory class for those who have perhaps always loved taking photos, but would like… Read more »


Coming up: Love in the Library at the Great Reveal

Come to the February 11th Great Reveal program to feel the love in the Crystal Bridges Library’s collections. The artistic temperament has long been described as passionate—and there are certainly enough romantic tales behind objects in the archives and rare book collection to support that view. Some of these items, like our autographed love poem… Read more »

Robin Plate VIII, from

Framing Mrs. Atkinson

The frames on the paintings in Crystal Bridges’ permanent collection are a subject of great interest to Museum guests. Many times the antique, ornate frames are nearly as beautiful as the artworks they display.  And sometimes the frame provides interesting clues to the history of the work.   One frame in particular tells an interesting story:  the… Read more »

John Singleton Copley, 1738 - 1815
"Mrs. Theodore Atkinson Jr. (Frances Deering Wentworth)", 1765
Oil on canvas

Your Valentine’s Day is in the Bag

It’s February!  And you know what that means….Valentine’s Day is looming large.  But look no further for your Valentine’s weekend entertainment!  Whether you’re romantically attached or un-, Crystal Bridges offers some sweet options.   Eat Your Heart Out Crystal Bridges’ restaurant, Eleven, is now offering a new French-inspired Tasting Menu created by Executive Chef  Bill… Read more »

Love this museum

Neil Welliver: Snow on Alden Brook

Snow has been much in the news lately, which brings to mind one of the perennial favorite artworks in Crystal Bridges’ permanent collection: Neil Welliver’s Snow on Alden Brook. This large painting, measuring 96 × 96 inches, depicts a quiet scene of snowfall in a Maine forest, with hundreds of snowflakes covering the surface of… Read more »

Neil Welliver (1929-2005)
Snow on Alden Brook
Oil on canvas

The Rise and Fall of Samuel F.B. Morse

This weekend the temporary exhibition, Samuel F.B. Morse’s Gallery of the Louvre and the Art of Invention, opened at Crystal Bridges. It focuses around a single monumental painting by the man most of us are familiar with as the creator of Morse Code.  But in addition to his skills as an inventor, Morse was also a skilled… Read more »

Samuel F.B. Morse, ca. 1840.

CR(eat)E Food Blog:  What’s the Scuttlebutt?

The most recent Wednesday Over Water event (WOW) featured a fun, whimsical, and informative dialog between Margi Conrads, Head of Curatorial Affairs at Crystal Bridges, and myself about the lesser known, and perhaps more salacious bits of “behind the scenes” information regarding several works from the permanent collection.   As this was Dr. Conrad’s inaugural… Read more »

Fat washed cocktail

Spider Stockings

Maman, the enormous spider sculpture by Louise Bourgeois that stands in Crystal Bridges’ courtyard, is sporting a fetching set of stockings today. The custom-made Gore-Tex socks are designed to protect the sculpture from potentially damaging components in the de-icer used to keep this busy area free of ice in the current cold and wet weather…. Read more »

A set of Gore-Tex "socks" protect the legs of Louise Bourgeois's sculpture "Maman" in icy conditions.

A Taste of France: Eleven Celebrates Samuel Morse’s Gallery of the Louvre

On January 23, Crystal Bridges welcomes Samuel F.B. Morse’s historic masterpiece Gallery of the Louvre, featured in a temporary exhibition by the Terra Foundation for American Art.     Known today primarily for his role in the development of the electromagnetic telegraph and Morse code, Samuel Morse began his career as a painter. In 1829,… Read more »

Samuel F.B. Morse, 1791-1872
"Gallery of the Louvre," 1831-1833
Oil on canvas
Terra Foundation for American Art, Chicago, Daniel J. Terra Collection