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In anticipation of a possible early snow this weekend, I thought I’d just share a few images of Crystal Bridges in snow.  Even when it’s cold and damp, the Museum Trails have something beautiful to offer outside, while the galleries offer something beautiful inside. Enjoy!    


State of the Art Museum Store Connection

We know there are quite a few works in State of the Art with connections to Crystal Bridges’ permanent collection. But did you know the Museum Store has a connection to a work in the State of the Art too?   Much like Emily Erb’s artwork World Map, regional artisan Susan Tinker’s work uses the…

Working (and Playing) with Alberto Aguilar

As a Museum Educator of Studio Programs at Crystal Bridges, I have the privilege of planning classes for Museum guests that allow them to create work alongside living contemporary artists from State of the Art, such as the upcoming multi-generational workshop with Alberto Aguilar. Many of you may already participated in Alberto Aguilar’s world by… Read more »

Alberto Aguilar

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

It’s decorative gourd season… And it’s also a good time to consider ways to make better use of a big, hearty vegetable like a pumpkin than simply carving a funny face in it! Here, Eleven’s chefs present a delicious and unusual way of preparing Japanese kabocha pumpkin (also called kabocha squash) that will warm your spirit and knock the gourds… Read more »

Pumpkin Goodfalla