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Museum Lookalikes 2

Continuing in the theme of Museum Lookalikes:  sometimes we find that staff members or volunteers eerily resemble people in the artworks in Crystal Bridges’ collection.  Take, for example, our Digital Media Manager, Shane Richey:   He looks like a nice enough guy here (and he is).             But put him… Read more »

LobsterMan cropped

Museum Lookalikes Part I

Lately, we’ve been having some fun identifying museum lookalikes:  these are people on our staff or volunteer corps who bear a striking resemblance to an artist or artwork in the Crystal Bridges collection.   Today’s lookalike comes from Library Director Catherine Petersen.  Are there any museum lookalikes in your life?? –LD   Here’s our evening and… Read more »

Jasper Johns

The Bubble: An Artist and Her Model

Any visitor to Crystal Bridges has admired The Bubble, the lovely bronze sculpture my Harriet Frishmuth that graces the Museum’s Late Nineteenth-Century Art Gallery.  Frishmuth specialized in creating expressive sculptures of lithe young women, often artfully balanced on one foot, seemingly weightless and ready to leap.   Part of the grace and energy of The… Read more »

Desha Delteil performing The Bubble Dance.  Photo from "Captured  Motion: The Sculpture of Harriet Whitney Frishmuth, a Catalogue of Works"  New York: Hohmann Holdings LLC, 2006.

A Conversation with the Conservator

Conservation is an ongoing concern in any museum, whether it be an art museum, natural history museum, or archive. Crystal Bridges works regularly with various conservators who keep tabs on our collection:  thoroughly inspecting each object, preparing detailed condition reports, and performing needed conservation or recommending future actions. Paula Hobart is an objects conservator who… Read more »

close-up of the component at the center of Grossman's "Car Horn" that recently underwent conservation.

American Encounters: The Simple Pleasures of Still Life, Part I

  On May 16, Crystal Bridges will present the last installation of the fascinating American Encounters exhibition series. This year’s exhibition, organized by the High Museum in Atlanta, focuses on still-life paintings and features two early European and eight American paintings. Like the three previous exhibitions, The Simple Pleasures of Still Life is a collaboration… Read more »

Raphael Peale, 1774 - 1825
"Corn and Cantaloupe," ca. 1813
Oil on panel

For Mother’s Day: Mom Booth Volunteer Tells All

Many of you will remember the Mom Booth from the State of the Art exhibition.  This innovative and unusual artwork by Andy Ducett was set up just outside the entrance to the exhibition’s north gallery, and featured real-life volunteer moms who interacted with Museum guests:  offering advice, asking questions, and chatting folks up throughout the… Read more »

Mom booth

One BIG Painting: Mehretu’s “Retopistics: A Renegade Excavation”

On Tuesday, Crystal Bridges’ team of preparators installed a new painting in the Museum’s south lobby. Retopistics: A Renegade Excavation, by Julie Mehretu, measures 17 feet long and just over 8 feet tall.  It’s one of the largest works on canvas in the Museum’s collection.   Julie Mehretu combines architectural features with layer upon layer… Read more »

The painting is brought into the south lobby.