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Cr(EAT)e Food Blog:  GUMBO Me Over

Recently, Chef Maudie Schmitt of Café Rue Orleans in Fayetteville graced the Wednesday Over Water (WOW) stage to discussion the virtues of Southern cuisine, specifically that delicious and rich region in and around New Orleans.  One of the highlights of the evening was the chance to sample Chef Maudie’s famous Gumbo:  nutty roux-based and chock… Read more »

It's all about the roux.

Jackson Pollock

Today is the birthday of artist Jackson Pollock, born January 28, 1912.  Pollock is well known as the quintessential American Abstract Expressionist painter:  the poster child for action painting with his signature all-over drip and splatter paintings.  Even Norman Rockwell, in his famous Saturday Evening Post cover illustration The Connoisseur, called upon Pollock’s style as a metaphor… Read more »

Jackson Pollock (1912-1956)
"Reclining Woman"
ca. 1938-1941
Oil on canvas

Museum Selfie Day!

January 21 is Museum Selfie Day, an international, Internet, interactive day to celebrate museums around the world and the people who visit them.   It’s a good time to remember that, although museums are, indeed, noble bastions of scholarship and high-falutin’ culture… they’re also a lot of fun to visit!  Check out some of these… Read more »

Make Your Own Sock Puppets!

We have recently added new puppets to the Puppet Theatre in Experience Art Studio (EAS).  Puppets are fun to play with, and fun to make, too!   Have you ever made your own puppets at home?  Follow the visual instructions below to create your own simple sock puppet.  Then you can bring it to the… Read more »

"Hi there!"
What's your puppet's name?

The Birth and (Slow) Death of the Slow Room

Ali Demorotski is Curatorial Assistant here at Crystal Bridges, and she has been closely involved with the State of the Art exhibition from the get-go:  handling everything from flight arrangements and artist recommendations to the rather unusual subject of this post:  shopping with artist Jonathan Schipper for the furniture to be used to create Slow… Read more »

Everything in the room is attached to cords which are pulled through a hole in the back wall.

A Conversation with Watercolorist Zeek Taylor

One the best parts of my job as Assistant Merchandising Manager of the Museum store is that I get to oversee our regional craft program.  I enjoy interacting with the many artists that participate in our program.  So I was definitely looking forward to sitting down with Eureka Springs watercolorist Zeek Taylor.   Zeek is an… Read more »

Zeek Taylor

The New Year in Experience Art Studio!

It’s a new year and Experience Art Studio, or “EAS” as we like to call it, is sporting a new look and some updated activities to celebrate the arrival of 2015!   What is Experience Art Studio?   Experience Art Studio is a hands-on studio for creation where we seek to bring opportunities for you… Read more »

EAS view 2

Distance Learning: Up Close!

A while back I wrote of a new initiative at Crystal Bridges:  the creation of an online course for high schools students to take for credit. I am excited to announce that the course, titled Museum Mashup: American Identity through the Arts, has launched with its first cohort of students from all corners of the… Read more »

online course