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A Chat with Jamie Wyeth

In honor of artist Jamie Wyeth’s birthday today, I am posting some snippets from my interview with Wyeth this winter.  Crystal Bridges will host a retrospective of Wyeth’s work from July 25 through October 5.  And Wyeth himself will visit the Museum on July 24 for a Keynote Presentation in the Great Hall.  More of… Read more »

Jamie Wyeth. Photo by Jennifer Corbett, The News Journal.

LOVE Lost (temporarily)

We are losing the LOVE on Crystal Bridges’ South Lawn.  Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture is being de-installed this week.   But not to worry, the loss is temporary:  the sculpture is simply moving into the Museum’s vault so our preparators and Grounds crew can install a new, larger base for it, which will give it better… Read more »


Trail Guide Travels

Volunteer Tour Guides at Crystal Bridges receive copious in-museum training to prepare them for their role , but once they have passed their tests and become full-fledged Guides, the Museum continues to offer learning opportunities to enhance their volunteer experience and the experiences of the guests they tour. Today, Guide Program Assistant Allie Britt gives us the… Read more »

Mary Ann King--Tour of Nursery

Remembering Miriam Schapiro

Artist Miriam Schapiro passed away last week at the age of 91. Schapiro was a ground-breaking feminist artist who helped bridge the gap between “high art” and craft, especially traditional women’s crafts such as quiltwork and decoration. She affixed fabrics directly to her canvases and combined them with acrylic paint and even glitter to create… Read more »

Miriam Schapiro, 1923-2015

Cr(EAT)e Food Blog – Drinkin’ Songs

For the most recent artinfusion Culture Hour gathering I was asked to give a brief talk about creating cocktails and foodstuffs inspired by art.  Of course, the chefs and I regard this process as one of the most exciting and rewarding tenants of our jobs at Crystal Bridges; but I thought it might be fun to… Read more »

cardboard cove cocktail

Bachman-Wilson House: Imagine, if You Will…

How do you practice guiding tours through a building that isn’t built yet? It’s a question that was troubling Alyssa Wilson, Crystal Bridges’ Guide Program Manager.  Although the Bachman-Wilson House is nearing completion on the outside, there is still plenty of interior work to be done, and the construction crew obviously can’t have 37 Tour Guides… Read more »

The floor plan of the Bachman Wilson House mapped out in tape on the floor of the Museum's Great Hall.

Happy Birthday John Baldessari

John Baldessari’s Beethoven’s Trumpet (with Ear) Opus #132, 2007 is currently on view in Crystal Bridges’ 1940s to Now gallery. A popular artwork with children, the sculpture plays Beethoven when you clap or speak into the large ear-trumpet.  Baldessari has created a huge body of work in many media over his career.   Today is Baldessari’s birthday;… Read more »

Art on the Move

There will be a lot of art-moving this week in the galleries.  Some works on paper are being retired to the vault to rest.  Some works are changing locations, and some newly acquired works are going out on exhibit for the first time at Crystal Bridges.   It’s fairly rare for a museum to completely… Read more »

Norman Rockwell's "Rosie the Riveter" and Janet Sobel's "Hiroshima" on view together in the 1940s to Now Gallery.