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Why are there crates in the galleries?

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Over the past few weeks, a number of art shipping and storage crates have made an unusually public appearance at Crystal Bridges—colonizing the Early Twentieth-Century Art Gallery bridge like squatters. Usually crates like these maintain a much lower profile, preferring to stick to the shadowy inner realms of the Museum. But this is a special… Read more »

Shipping crates and furniture colonize the Early Twentieth Century Art Gallery bridge.

Magic in the Skyspace

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Hi, my name is Tim and I’m a volunteer. I love volunteering at Crystal Bridges. I love the art, the architecture, the nature, and mostly, I love the opportunity to meet people. The opportunity to interact with so many interesting people, whether they are our guests, staff members, or my fellow volunteers, is the main… Read more »

An interior view of the Skyspace during the evening display.

Today’s the Day: Carpe Flores!

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One of the many perks of working at Crystal Bridges is that we are regularly encouraged as a staff to experience and enjoy the fruits of our labor.  When a new exhibition opens, the staff gets a guided preview.  If the Museum acquires a new work of art, we get a personal introduction.  And when… Read more »

Bam!  Yeah, that happened.

The Bachman Wilson House: On the Road

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This past January, Crystal Bridges acquired a rare Frank Lloyd Wright house, known as the Bachman Wilson House. In order to best preserve the architecturally significant structure, which had previously been exposed to repeat flooding, it was determined that the house would have to be relocated. After careful deliberation, a location on Crystal Bridges’ grounds… Read more »

Truck Side  Photo provided by J.B. Hunt Transport Inc.

The Bachman Wilson House: Selecting the Site

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Crystal Bridges recently acquired the Bachman Wilson House, a 1954 Usonian House designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. After repeat flooding at the structure’s original site next to the Millstone River in New Jersey, relocation presented itself as the best preservation option. The house is now disassembled and will be transported in pieces to Northwest… Read more »

Rending showing the future placement of the Bachman Wilson House near Crystal Spring.