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June 19, 2020
¿Qué hay de nuevo en las galerías de arte moderno? (en Español)
June 23, 2020
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What’s New in the Modern Art Galleries?

Change is in the air! In December, we said goodbye to the Alfred Stieglitz Collection, 101 artworks ranging from African masks to Modernist paintings that are shared biannually with Fisk University.

With the Steiglitz Collection gone to Nashville for two years, we’ve gotten creative, redesigning the galleries where the collection was housed—our Modern Art Galleries. These galleries, part of the museum’s permanent collection, feature works by Georgia O’Keeffe, Stuart Davis, Marsden Hartley, and many more.

So…what’s new?


1. More Artwork Than Ever

Photo by Ironside Photography / Stephen Ironside.

Yes, one part of our collection is temporarily gone, however, that does not mean you should expect fewer artworks. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. 83 artworks are out of the vault, beginning in the space formerly known as the North Exhibition Gallery.

Of that 83, two are new acquisitions by American photographer Brett Weston, and 30 have never before been on view; including works by Janet Sobel, Alice Trumbull Mason, and the 12 prints that comprise Louis Lozowick’s A Tribute to American Industry; more modern art than have ever been on view at the same time.


2. Modern Times

Modern Times (1936), directed by Charlie Chaplin. Courtesy of Janus Films.

Don’t miss a short clip of Charlie Chaplin’s 1936 film. Modern Times stars Chaplin as an assembly line worker struggling to survive the modern, industrialized world.

Radical changes in technology, industry, and social roles transformed how people experienced the world in the twentieth century. During this time period, many artists, Chaplin included, found inspiration in these changes, either celebrating modern progress or questioning the effects of such rapid development.

A video clip from Modern Times can be found on this wall. Photo by Ironside Photography / Stephen Ironside.


3. Texts in Spanish

Photo by Ironside Photography / Stephen Ironside.

We’re dedicated to welcoming all to experience the power of art and the beauty of nature and that means being thoughtful about the needs of our guests.

If you’ve been through our permanent collection recently, you may have noticed that translation exists, but only in our Early American Art Galleries. After chatting with guests, we’re moving forward with making the museum bilingual, beginning with our Modern art collection.


Open now, visit the museum to see the redesign in person, and let us know what you think. Don’t forget: the permanent collection is always free to visit!

To read this post in Spanish, click here.


This post was written by Brittany Johnson, interpretation specialist.


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