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Family Day: Happy Birthday Crystal Bridges

This event has passed

Crystal Bridges is turning 10, and we want you and your family to come celebrate with us!

As part of our anniversary festivities, we’re filling the museum with music, artmaking, photo booths, and more. From performances on our Van Cliburn Grand Piano greeting you in the Garrison Lobby to a communal mural project in the studios, we have festivities galore for guests of all ages.

Free, no tickets required. Drop in anytime from 12 to 5 PM.

A family dancing on a brightly lit and colorful dance floor

Come explore the galleries and experience live music by performers from the Symphony of Northwest Arkansas. Learn more about works in our collection, see the beautiful arrangements of Art in Bloom, and break out your creative spirit with art-inspired fun in our classrooms. To add to the festival spirit, the CB to You Mobile Art Lab will be bringing their entire tour lineup of guest artists to the museum for demos, storytelling, and artmaking.

As an added thank you to our guests we’re offering free admission to our temporary exhibition In American Waters: The Sea in American Painting, Nov. 11 – 14. And, since no birthday party is complete without cake and dancing, we’ll be hosting a dance party in the Great Hall and cutting cake every hour. (No, you don’t have to bring presents.)

So join us as we say “Cheers” to 10 years of Crystal Bridges, and here’s to many more!

Schedule of Events


Great Hall

  • Dance Party
  • Artmaking: Birthday Hats with Junli Song
  • Cake Cutting (Every hour)

Garrison Lobby

  • Photo Station
  • Piano with NWA Jazz Society (12 pm, 2 pm)


  • Artmaking: Collage with Tay Butler

Bellows & Cassatt

  • Artmaking: Cyanotype Decoration with Trinity Kai
  • Artmaking: Celebration Cards with Ziba Rajabi


  • Crystal Bridges Collaborative Mural


  • Painting Party with MY-T-BY-DESIGN

The Studio

  • Artmaking: Sculpture with MacKenzie Turner

Main Entrance

  • Wa Kuk Wa Jimor/Canoe of One Community and Artmaking

Gravel Lot

  • Where To: Bus Painting with Ozark Regional Transit and Octavio Logo

South Lawn

  • Artmaking: Fall Leaf Suncatchers
  • Mushroom Identification

Early American Art Galleries

  • Cart Guides, We the People
  • Gallery Talk with Mindy Besaw, Rooster (3 pm)
  • Music with SONA (2 pm, 4 pm)

Modern Art Galleries

  • Gallery Talk with Jen Padget, Gregory (Effigy) (1 pm)
  • Music with SONA (2 pm, 4 pm) 

Contemporary Art Galleries

  • Music with SONA (2 pm, 4 pm)

Temporary Exhibition Galleries

  • Free Admission to In American Waters

Vestíbulo principal

  • Fiesta bailable
  • Actividad artística: sombreros de cumpleaños con Junli Song
  • Corte de la tarta de cumpleaños (cada hora)

Vestíbulo Garrison

  • Estación de fotografía:
  • Piano con NWA Jazz Society (12 p.m., 2 p.m.)


  • Actividad artística: Collage con Tay Butler

Bellows & Cassatt

  • Actividad artística: Cianotipo para decoración con Trinity Kai
  • Actividad artística: tarjetas de celebración con Ziba Rajabi


  • Mural colaborativo del Crystal Bridges


  • Fiesta de pintura con MY-T-BY-DESIGN

El estudio

  • Actividad artística: escultura con Mackenzie Turner

Entrada principal

  • Wa Kuk Wa Jimor/Canoa de una comunidad y actividades artísticas

Prado sur

  • Actividad artística: atrapasol de hojas de otoño
  • Identificación de hongos

Prado norte

  • Destino: pintando autobuses con Ozark Regional Transit y Octavio Logo 
    • Nota: actividad movida a estacionamiento de grava

Galerías de arte estadounidense temprano

  • Guías junto a los carritos, Nosotros, el pueblo
  • Conversaciones en la galería con Mindy Besaw, Gallo (3 p.m.)
  • Música con SONA (2 p.m., 4 p.m.)

Galerías de arte moderno

  • Conversaciones en la galería con Jen Padget, Gregorio (Efigie) (1 p.m.)
  • Música con SONA (2 p.m., 4 p.m.) 

Galerías de arte contemporáneo

  • Música con SONA (2 p.m., 4 p.m.)

Galería de exposiciones temporales

  • Admisión gratuita a En aguas estadounidenses

Jikin Kakobaba eo Elab

  • Ien Eb
  • Kōmman Kein Jerbal in Pā: Āt in Kemem ibben Junli Song
  • Mwijmwij Cake (Aoleb awa)

Jikin Deloñ eo an Garrison

  • Jikin Bija
  • Piano ibben NWA Jazz Society (12 awa raelab, 2 awa raelab)


  • Kōmman Jerbal in Pā: Kōmman Bija ko Ibben Doon ibben Tay Butler

Bellows & Cassatt

  • Kōmman Jerbal in Pā: Kainoknok kin Jiña ilo Jeje ibben Trinity Kai
  • Kōmman Kein Jerbal in Pā: Kaat in Kōjerammon ibben Ziba Rajabi


  • Jiña eo Elab im Raar Kōmmane Ippān Doon kin Crystal Bridges


  • Kakobaba Ibben Doon ñan Jiña ibben MY-T-BY-DESIGN

The Studio (Jikin Jerbal)

  • Kōmman Kein Jerbal in Pā: Sculpture ibben Mackenzie Turner

Jikin Deloñ eo Elab

  • Wa Kuk Wa Jimor/ Canoe of One Community im Kōmman Kein Jerbal in Pā

South Lawn (Wūjooj eo Turōk)

  • Kōmman Kein Jerbal in Pā: Suncatcher Kōmman jen Būlik
  • Kalikar Oktakin Mushroom

North Lawn (Wūjooj eo Tueañ)

  • Ñan Ia: Jiña an Baj ibben Ozark Regional Transit im Octavio Logo

Bija in Jiña ko an Raan ko Jinoin ilo Amedka

  • Melele in Kajinet kin Nien, We the People
  • Kenono kin Bija ibben Mindy Besaw, Rooster (3 awa raelab)
  • Kōjañjañ ibben SONA (2 awa raelab, 4 awa raelab)

Bija in Jiña ko an Ien In

  • Kenono kin Bija ibben Jen Padget, Gregory (Effigy) (1 awa raelab)
  • Kōjañjañ ibben SONA (2 awa raelab, 4 awa raelab) 

Bija in Jiña ko an Raan Kein

  • Kōjañjañ ibben SONA (2 awa raelab, 4 awa raelab)

Bija in Kalwojwoj ko an Jidik Ien

  • Ejellok Wonnen Deloñ ñan In American Waters

Per the CDC’s updated guidelines, we are now requiring all guests ages 2 and up and staff to wear a face covering indoors and while attending outdoor programs, except while eating or drinking. Masks will be available upon entry for those who do not have one. We will observe social distancing during this program.

Sponsored by Coca Cola and the Northwest Arkansas Naturals.

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