Crystal Bridges will temporarily close through April 17 to support efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19. Follow our updates.

School Visit Application 2020 Spring/Summer

The Crystal Bridges collection encompasses 300 years of American art. Every school tour offered by Crystal Bridges reveals the unfolding story of America and inherently includes language arts, social studies, and visual arts standards. Crystal Bridges tours use the dialogical model, a process of student-centered exploration that is designed to deepen critical thinking and discussion skills. That process allows each tour to be conducted at the appropriate level for the class while still promoting student growth.

The tours are organized by theme, are centered on the curriculum, and connect to Common Core Anchor Standards. Each tour is developed for a specific range of grades, but all tours can be adapted for your specific grade level and class as needed. In addition to these tours, we can incorporate specific artworks* or subjects to meet the needs of your students.

*subject to those artworks being on view at the time of your visit