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Crystal Bridges is open Wed. through Mon. with free, timed tickets required.

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OZCast is a weekly, online creative variety show

This weekly presentation celebrates local, regional, and national artists from diverse backgrounds who work across a broad multidisciplinary spectrum.

The first season centers on “Creativity as Resilience.” In the diverse voices and collaborations of Northwest Arkansas and beyond, you'll experience the artistry at play during one of our most collectively difficult eras, and see how being creative allows us to be vulnerable, inspired, and grounded.

OZCast features artists not only producing work in their fields, but also contributing their voices to championing their communities. They come from the worlds of dance, culinary, textile, music, social practice, video, spoken word, graphic novels, sculpture, and more. And they address the urgent issues of today — from racial equity and immigration rights, to public health and environmental stewardship.

Episode 5


Yatika Fields creates a site-specific mural in Fayetteville, Arkansas featuring an Effigy pot of the Mississippian period. The colorful and contemporary image confronts non-Indigenous viewers to evaluate their past on the land they are on and to hold dialogue.


This work is rooted in an unexpected (though most likely true) interracial same-sex romance in Harrison, Arkansas in the late 1920s. “TheBallad(s)” are based on more than two years of research in Northwestern Arkansas by artists Nick Vaughan and Jake Margolin. “There You Are” tells the fictional story of Chris, a young present-day gay man in Harrison, Arkansas and his relationship to the ghosts of Wellington Stephenson and Jesse, the real life partners at the core of “The Ballad(s).”


“Attendre et Espérer” is Adam Howard’s second full-length album. The artwork for this album is derived from Thomas Moran's 'Entrance To The Grand Canal' (1906). The collection of Moran's paintings at the Philbrook Museum of Art, where Howard’s father worked when he was younger, were some of his favorites. Howard briefly worked security at the museum and also fell in love with the movement of Moran's style and his near-heavenly use of light.

Episode 3

In Episode Three: I Know Why, L.I.F.E. brings us positive light through the power of word and song, Lisa Marie Evans mesmerizes us with a collage of color into a Meditation for Healing, Sons of Otis Malone question the idea of a friendly universe through Country music and Robyn Jordan highlights the importance of being raw and authentic through the vehicle of dance.

Episode 1

Episode one introduces us to the wide range of creativity across Northwest Arkansas, featuring:

  • Hip-hop by Jeremiah Pickett as Baang
  • Experimental visual vignettes by Carolyn Guinzio
  • Instrumental music by Christian Serrano-Torres
  • Spoken word poetry by Noelia Cerna
  • Traditional dance by The Noble 8 Lion Dance Group
  • Basket weaving by Terry Gibson
  • An artist conversation with Alan Rodriguez

OZCast is a project of CACHE (Creative Arkansas Community Hub & Exchange), in partnership with Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, the Momentary, OZ Art, and the many wonderful grassroots artists, organizations, and creative industries across Northwest Arkansas.