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Welcome to the Photo Salon

Photographer Timothy Hursley. Photo by Mike Rodda

This spring Crystal Bridges introduced a new program for photography fans.  Each session of the Photo Salon will be led by a different professional photographer from our region who will start out with a show and discussion of his or her own work, followed by a photo-shooting excursion in and around Crystal Bridges building and grounds.  Our first Salon was held on March 14 with architectural photographer Timothy Hursley.  –LD

Photographer Timothy Hursley.  Photo by Mike Rodda, Photo Salon participant.

Photographer Timothy Hursley. Photo by Mike Rodda, Photo Salon participant.

The first Photo Salon Night went really well with the group’s “photo excursion” at twilight. This unique program opens the door for guests to explore the Museum’s architecture through lens of the camera. There’s a community spirit of socializing and discussing creative vantage points with the group and the featured expert photographer.  Timothy Hursley was the perfect pick to start the series.  He has that celebrity charisma when it comes to photography, especially showcasing his photographs of Moshe Safdie’s architecture spanning 20 years, plus Andy Warhol’s 1970 studio, and projects for architect Philip Johnson.  

We are looking forward to watching the group evolve, as well as the photographs they create that will lead to a 360 perspective of the Museum. We are encourage participants to share their images by posting their favorite pictures to #CBphotosalon on Flickr.  You can view the first uploads here:

We’ll host the Photo Salon once a month,  and feature creative photographers such as Timothy Hursley, Stephen Ironside, Jeremy McGraw, Victor Chalfant, and the Northwest Arkansas Photographic Society.  The next Salon is April 11 with photographer Stephen Ironside.  We hope you’ll join us and bring your camera!

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