Crystal Bridges is open Wed. through Mon. with free, timed tickets required.

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Crystal Bridges is open Wed. through Mon. with free, timed tickets required.

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Volunteer Spotlight: Wayne Hubbert

Crystal Bridges Volunteer Wayne Hubbert

Crystal Bridges Volunteer Wayne Hubbert

Meet Crystal Bridges volunteer Wayne Hubbert!


Career Information (Past, Present or Future)

I was drafted at age 19 for the Korean Conflict.  After I returned from Korea, I attended the University of Illinois, and received a BS in Economics.  I worked at a number of jobs in Illinois, primarily in sales. Shortly after moving to Arkansas, I was employed in management at Hudson Foods, a poultry company, in 1980.  I retired in 1998.



In addition to spending time a Crystal Bridges, I attempt to play a little golf. I read a lot and take care of the never-ending household projects. My wife and I are involved in several small study groups at church. We keep in touch with our children and grandchildren—which accounts for most of our travel.


Favorite artwork or space at the museum

My favorite artwork is Kindred Spirits.  I can almost feel myself standing on the ledge with those two gentlemen.  I particularly appreciate the fact that Alice Walton had the audacity to buy it from ‘those Easterners’ to bring it to Arkansas “where no one would ever see it.”


Asher B. Durand (1796-1886) Kindred Spirits 1849 Oil on canvas

Asher B. Durand (1796-1886)
Kindred Spirits
Oil on canvas
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, Arkansas


How did you learn about the museum and what prompted you to get involved?

I learned about volunteering at Crystal Bridges from another volunteer, Cornelia Fleming.  I have never regretted becoming a volunteer.


In what ways have you been involved as a volunteer with the museum thus far?

I have spent most of my time as a Museum Guide in the main lobby.  I have also done exit interviews and handled Audio Guides.


What keeps you coming back to volunteer?

Besides really enjoying my time at Crystal Bridges as a volunteer, I appreciate the wonderful staff running a well-managed program.  I also appreciate the emphasis on diversity and inclusion.


What do you enjoy most about your volunteer experience?

I consider it a privilege to be associated with the volunteers I work with, as well as the always-friendly staff. Of course, the fast that the guests are so enthralled with our museum doesn’t hurt.


What have you learned or how have you been personally affected by your experience with the museum?

I have gained a finer appreciation of all art, learning that art encompasses so many forms.  I try to make every single guest feel welcome.  At the main lobby, we are often the first impression, so I try to be low-key and dress conservatively.


Do you have story you can share with us?

One of our guests had forgotten her glasses, so she couldn’t read the information alongside the works.  She asked if we had any spare glasses.  I happened to be trying out a new pair that day, so I leant her my old glasses/ They worked fine. She returned then to my just as my shift ended.

Another time I happened to be in the area of the Evan Penny “Old Self” bust.  A small child and his dad were standing there looking at it.  A few minutes later the child saw me again. He ran to his dad, pointing, and said, ”Daddy, that’s him, that’s him!”  The dad and I just smiled at each other.


Evan Penny, “Old Self: Portrait of the Artist as He Will (Not) Be, Variation #2,” 2010
Silicone, pigment, hair, fabric, and aluminum
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.


Do you have any advice for individuals considering volunteering with Crystal Bridges?

My advice to prospective volunteers is, “try it…you might like it!”


Linda DeBerry
Senior Copy Editor / Publications Manager

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