Crystal Bridges is open Wed. through Mon. with free, timed tickets required.

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Crystal Bridges is open Wed. through Mon. with free, timed tickets required.

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Volunteer Spotlight: Mary Jane Kuhlman!

Mary Jane Kuhlman, Crystal Bridges Volunteer

Meet Crystal Bridges volunteer Mary Jane Kuhlman!


Career Information 

Judicial Assistant to the Hon. John R. Gibson, US Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, Kansas City, MO, for 30 years, prior to which I was a legal assistant in a Kansas City law firm for several years.



I have enjoyed our travels abroad, to various islands, and throughout the United States.  I am active in my church and enjoy visiting family and friends and entertaining.


Favorite artwork or space at the Museum

Martin Johnson Heade:  Cattleya Orchid, and Two Hummingbirds and a Beetle


How did you learn about the Museum and what prompted you to get involved?

As we visited Northwest Arkansas for many years and had the opportunity to enjoy various areas, as well as reading articles in the newspaper, I learned of the plans for a world-class art museum which was to include exhibits of American art from the Colonial period to modern day.  Upon retiring to Bella Vista in 2011, and with my appreciation for nature and the inclusion of plants, springs, and sculpture throughout the campus, I was prompted to get involved.


In what ways have you been involved as a volunteer with the Museum thus far?

My primary experiences have been as a Museum Guide.  I assisted with the job fair before the Museum opened, and initially volunteered in administration.


What keeps you coming back to volunteer?

I enjoy the atmosphere of seeing guests pleased and complimentary of the Museum’s collections and surroundings.


What do you enjoy most about your volunteer experience?

The excitement and anticipation the guests express upon arrival.


What have you learned or how have you been personally affected from your experience with the Museum?

I am appreciative of how the Museum staff has helped me to be prepared for our guests who have questions. Each day recharges my enthusiasm for the Crystal Bridges experience. The special exhibits have been very inspiring.  In particular, I have enjoyed Angels and Tomboys,  as I could relate to both.


Do you have any advice for individuals considering volunteering with Crystal Bridges?

I encourage anyone to volunteer who has an appreciation for art and would like to serve alongside enthusiastic people.














Linda DeBerry
Senior Copy Editor / Publications Manager

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