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September 14, 2017
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September 20, 2017
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Truffles the Frank Lloyd Wright Cat

Chuck, a Protection Services officer at Crystal Bridges, holds Truffles, an orange cat

Chuck, a Guest Services specialist at Crystal Bridges, holds Truffles

This is a super short post, but adorable.


Meet Truffles.  Truffles has been hanging around the Frank Lloyd Wright house at Crystal Bridges for some time now. He greets visitors, lounges on the sidewalk, explores the garden beds… in short, he seems quite at home.


Truffles the Frank Lloyd Wright cat. An orange cat lies on the sidewalk outside the Frank Lloyd Wright house at Crystal Bridges

Truffles the Frank Lloyd Wright cat.

Truffles wears a collar with his name and a phone number.  Apparently various members of our museum staff have called it in the past, concerned that Truffles was lost. I learned that when a new Museum Protection Services staff member called it recently, the owners’ outgoing voice mail message says “If this is Crystal Bridges, don’t worry, Truffles knows to come home.”


Update:  Truffles seems to have a taste for fine architecture.  He has also been seen hanging out at the Fly’s Eye Dome:



Further update:

Truffles’s real name is not Truffles, but Hamish.  We learned from the owners that they had put the collar of another pet (actually named Truffles) on Hamish when he went outside to be sure he had their number with him in his travels.  These days he’s sporting a new collar and a tag with the correct name on it. He is still quite at home on the Museum grounds and  has made it his personal job to greet everyone he meets.






In fact, he’s here so much, he’s now our official unofficial spokescat, and the star of this year’s holiday greeting video:



Don’t worry about how Hamish is doing in the colder weather.  The Guest Services team got him a nice warm snuggle-sack.  Which, of course, he sleeps on top of, rather than inside. Hey, he’s a social guy, he doesn’t want to cut himself off from his peeps.



An orange tabby cat sleeps curled up on top of a black, fur-lined sack.

Linda DeBerry
Senior Copy Editor / Publications Manager

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