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Crystal Bridges is open Wed. through Mon. Reserve your free, timed tickets.

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The Studio: An Artmaking Space for All

Summer At Crystal Bridges - The Studio

Have you been to the Studio yet? The museum’s artmaking space, located just off Walker Landing, was remodeled earlier this year to provide more space, more activities, and more art supplies for kids and adults to take a break and try their hand at artmaking. 

Here are some tips and activities for you to enjoy your next visit to the Studio: 


Create your own work of art

The Studio is an opportunity for kids and adults alike to take a break in their art exploration through the galleries and try a hand at creating a work of art all their own. We have such creative guests, and we love to show off their masterpieces around the Studio. Come by and add your creation to the wall!


Participate in Crystals in Art activities

Crystals in Art: Ancient to Today is our current temporary exhibition, examining the connection between crystals and art throughout the world, spanning history and geography. 

In the Studio, there are a couple activities available to interact with crystals and crystal forms. First, rock specimens can be found on each table. These samples are available to draw with pencils or watercolor brushes. 

Guests are also welcome to contribute to our crystal origami wall! Enjoy creating origami shapes (instructions available on the tables) with iridescent paper and geometric patterns. 


Discovery Boxes + Books

The Studio has a library of books about art and nature that are available to read in the space. Next to the books, you’ll also find Discovery Boxes, which have additional activities to engage with. Take some time to pick out a Discovery Box and let the activities serve as a prompt to inspire your artmaking.


Check-out an Art Tote

Each Art Tote is themed and filled with activities to fit that theme (a book, an art activity, a craft, and other fun facts). Check them out just like a library book, and take them anywhere on the museum grounds, indoors or outdoors. Currently, the Art Totes are also known as Trail Totes, since each tote activity is meant to be taken out on the trails around the museum.


We’re open late!

The Studio is open until 6 p.m. Saturday-Monday and until 9 p.m. Wednesday-Friday (same hours as the museum). It’s much quieter in the evening hours then it is during the day, so if your family enjoys quiet atmospheres, or if you’re adults wanting to explore the Studio, we recommend stopping by later in the evening. Activities are available all day. 


Drop in during Thanksgiving week

The Studio, like the rest of the museum, is open on Wednesday and Friday of Thanksgiving week. During those days (November 27 and 29), guests are welcome to drop into the Estes Studio (right next to the Studio!) from 1 to 4 p.m. and enjoy an artmaking activity inspired by Tony Tasset’s Deer sculpture. 


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