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The Big Draw

Kids try their hand at outdoor drawing during one of the Museum's previous Family Sundays.

Kids try their hand at outdoor drawing during one of the Museum's previous Family Sundays.

Kids try their hand at outdoor drawing during one of the Museum’s previous Family Sundays.

Figure drawing was my favorite course as an undergraduate, and I included it in my class schedule for as many semesters as possible.  The studio, models, charcoal, and easels combined to create a challenge I never tired of—capturing the expressiveness of the human form on paper.  I don’t draw much now—I need to find time!—but I believe that all of those hours of practice had a great impact on how I understand what I see around me.  Plus, I still love drawing materials and beautiful paper!

The Campaign for Drawing is a non-profit based in the United Kingdom.  The Campaign has one simple and wonderful goal:  to get everyone drawing!  And why do they feel this is important?  Here’s a great, concise explanation from their website:  Drawing helps us to understand the world, think, feel, shape and communicate ideas. It is fun, accessible and invaluable – in education and everyday life.

Drop-in Drawing provides free drawing sessions (supplies provided) for everyone!

Drop-in Drawing provides free drawing sessions (supplies provided) for everyone!

In order to promote drawing as a tool for thought, creativity, and social engagement, The Campaign is involved in many activities, including professional development for educators, advocacy, and research, but their most exciting project is October’s annual Big Draw.  Described as “the biggest drawing festival in the word,” the Big Draw features activities and programs in 15 countries, with over 200,000 participants.  This year, Crystal Bridges will join a host of cities, parks, museums, galleries, and organizations around the world encouraging people of all ages to “get out and draw” with a Big Draw-themed Family Sunday on October 20.

Our Big Draw will feature special guest artist Jeff Hopkins bringing characters from our collection to life, plus fun and unusual drawing activities museum-wide.  In the meantime, check out The Campaign for Drawing’s Pinterest page for great drawing inspirations.  I hope you’ll find something that moves you to grab a sketchbook and draw something!

The folks at Campaign for Drawing say that their work will finish when the words ‘I can’t draw’ are dropped from our vocabulary.  What a brilliant goal!

Stay tuned for photos and drawings from our Big Draw celebration on October 20!  In the meantime, you can always come practice your own drawing skills for free at one of Crystal Bridges’ regular Drop-in Drawing programs.  Our artist educators set up shop somewhere in the Museum, and guests are invited to drop in and do some sketching.  The next scheduled Drop-in Drawing session is Wednesday, October 2, from 6 to 9 p.m. Check at Guest Services to find out where we’ll be set up, and then come join us!  — LD


  1.' Catherine Goenner says:

    When and where will the pictures from The Big Draw Family Sunday be available?

    • Linda DeBerry says:

      They are generally posted on our Facebook page a week or two after the event. With our upcoming Fifth-year anniversary festivities, it may take a little longer because we’ll have more things to prep, but keep watching for them! Thanks for coming out for The Big Draw!

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