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The 411 on the Artinfusion Council

Members of Crystal Bridges Artinfusion Advisory Council


Artinfusion is an affinity group within Crystal Bridges’ membership program designed to provide social networking and art experiences especially for Members ages 21 to 40s.  Today Associate Museum Educator and artinfusion coordinator Brady Plunger announces a brand new opportunity available to all artinfusion members:  a possible seat on the artinfusion Advisory Council!  


You dedicated artinfusionists may have seen that applications have gone live for something called the “artinfusion Advisory Council.” Have you heard of it? If your answer is “no,” have no fear because you’re not alone. This small group has flown under the radar for the last few years, quietly contributing to artinfusionin a huge variety of ways. This blog post will shed some much-needed light on the Advisory Council and hopefully inspire artinfusionists out there to submit an application to join!


Like so many great works of art, the group has lived under different names (most recently the “artinfusion Ambassador Committee”) but it has always boasted a dynamic composition of passionate people who give of their time and talents to help chart the course of artinfusion. The first council members were representatives of artinfusion’s incredible sponsors, and through the personal networks of these individuals and Museum staffers the group grew, eventually reaching the 22 members who serve today.


In 2016 artinfusion saw explosive growth in programming through the launch of artinfusion Excursions and Insights, as well as the introduction of Summer Fling, which joined our signature annual parties: The Black Hearts Ball and Halloween in the Hollow. It is in the spirit of these exciting enhancements for artinfusion, and in keeping with Crystal Bridges’ commitment to engaging forward-thinking Museum Members ages 21 to 40s, that we have re-envisioned the Advisory Council and opened applications for ten council seats to ALL artinfusion Members.


Photo by Marc F. HenningSummer Fling event on June 3, 2016, at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Ark.

Photo by Marc F. HenningSummer Fling event on June 3, 2016, at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Ark.


So, what does the Advisory Council do exactly? Well, the group has four core purposes:

  1. artinfusion Member recruitment
  2. building awareness of artinfusion in social and professional contexts
  3. advising on programming and events
  4. and building connections between the Museum and key stakeholders (community organizations, local and regional advisory boards, etc).


The group works toward these purposes in a variety of ways including

  • monthly meetings at the Museum
  • a day-long planning retreat each summer
  • serving as hosts at artinfusion events at the Museum
  • acting as ambassadors for Crystal Bridges and artinfusion in the community
  • and using their own networks to connect artinfusion to exciting creative people like musicians and artists.


One of the most important ways the Advisory Council contributes to artinfusion is through selecting community partners for artinfusion to collaborate with during the year. Artinfusion Advisors have connected us to organizations like Unexpected and Art Feeds, and the group has already initiated collaboration with Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week for March of 2017.  Advisors also play a key role in selecting local artists, musicians, and other entertainers for our signature parties, often leveraging their personal connections to bring talented and sometimes unconventional performers from around the country to Crystal Bridges.


The artinfusion Advisory Council provides artinfusion Members with a leadership opportunity at the Museum that few other groups have access to, giving Members a voice in shaping what artinfusion is and how we create one-of-a-kind arts experiences at the Museum and beyond.


Applications are live now and submissions will be accepted until midnight on January 31. Don’t miss this chance to grab a seat at the cool kid’s table and show your support for artinfusion and Crystal Bridges!

Linda DeBerry
Senior Copy Editor / Publications Manager

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