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Crystal Bridges is open Wed. through Mon. Reserve your free, timed tickets.

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Summer Camp Fun!

School’s Out!  Summer Fun is IN!

Crystal Bridges has a host of summer camps to help keep kids active and creative while they’re out of school, with programs ranging from film-making to game design to Pop art, and more.  (Click here for a list of all summer camp programs.)


Our studio art educators are looking forward to camps, perhaps as much as the kids are. Each year they try out new artmaking activities and techniques, testing different projects to see if they work within their curriculum, are age-appropriate, fun, and effective. Today I got a chance to go into the studio and see some of the results of their testing in progress.


Inspired by Nature

One of the camps offered this year is Art and Nature, which draws on the beautiful natural grounds of Crystal Bridges, as well as the artworks in the galleries, to inspire kids to get creative.  One of the projects this summer is a cool way to learn about color, texture, and color blending:  drip-painted pots!


They begin with a plain, terra cotta flower pot and some slightly watered-down acrylic paint, poured into squeeze bottles.   Tip the pot upside down in a cardboard box, and experiment with dripping different colors of paint over it in layers and letting the colors run together.  Once you’ve got your pot painted in just the way you like it, leave it to dry (it could take a few days, so put it up somewhere out where it can’t get dusty or knocked over). Flip it over and you have a beautiful, colorful pot to plant a flower in!



Don’t have a green thumb?  Well, you can make your own flowers, instead!  Using just a few long, narrow strips of colored paper, campers will also experiment with created quilled-paper artworks like this flower:



Pop Art Prints

The Pop art camp will look at the work of artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein in the museum’s galleries, and try out some of the techniques these artists used in their work, including several types of printmaking.  (Insider tip:  on June 23, Crystal Bridges will be opening a focus exhibition called Animal Meet Artist that will feature an entire set of Andy Warhol’s Endangered Animals prints , as well as some never-before-exhibited artworks from our permanent collection and a 40-foot-long drawing by State of the Art artist Adonna Khare).


You may not realize it, but there are lots of ways to make prints!  You can carve a potato, cut a pepper or okra pod in half and dip it in paint, cut a sponge into shapes, or work with more traditional tools like Gelli plates, or soft, easy-to-carve linoleum blocks, which is what one of our artist educators did to create this cool, bold elephant print.



Lots more hands-on art fun awaits this summer!  Check out the full list of offerings and register today!


Linda DeBerry
Senior Copy Editor / Publications Manager

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