Crystal Bridges is open Wed. through Mon. with free, timed tickets required.

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Crystal Bridges is open Wed. through Mon. with free, timed tickets required.

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It’s Spring! Get out and Eco Box!

dogwoodIt’s official!  The dogwoods on Crystal Bridges’ grounds have begun to bloom!  This is always big news for Museum trail visitors, and something we here at the Museum always look forward to as one of the signs that spring is, indeed, here at last!  It’s a perfect time of year to get out and experience Crystal Bridges’ more-than three miles of trails.

Eco_Box_0008This spring our Trails and Grounds team will be installing three new Eco Boxes along the Trails.  Eco Boxes are hand-powered audio guides that provide a selection of four recorded clips about specific locations on the grounds. Two Eco-Boxes are already installed:  one on the Crystal Spring Trail near Dr. Neil Compton’s garden beds, and another at the intersection of the Dogwood and Rock Ledge Trails.  The next three will go in on the Art Trail, the Overlook (off the Crystal Bridges Trail), and on the Rock Ledge Trail overlooking the outdoor installation A Place Where they Cried, by Pat Musick and Jerry Carr.

The Eco Boxes at Crystal Bridges are sponsored by The Coleman Company.

Operating an Eco Box is simple.  You slowly turn the crank until a red light appears on the front of the box, which means it’s powered up.  (This takes only a few turns.) Next, you push the button corresponding to the audio clip you wish to hear, and keep turning slowly and steadily while the clip plays.  You don’t have to turn very fast, and the cranks are not hard to turn.  It’s a fun, eco-friendly way to learn more about Crystal Bridges grounds! Here’s a short video about Eco Boxes and how to operate them:

The new Eco Boxes will feature information about Art:  such as The Place Where they Cried by Pat Musick and Jerry Carr Wildlife:  featuring wildlife rehabilitator Lynn Sciumbato giving tips on identifying the call of the barred owl and other bird sounds in the forest History:  including a brief history of the Rock Ledge Trail and the railroad that wasn’t. Nature: including the clip below of Museum Horitculturalist Cody George talking about some of the special ecosystems at Crystal Bridges

You can start looking for the new Eco Boxes on the trails in early May.

Hear a clip from one of the Eco Boxes here:   Want to learn more about Crystal Bridges grounds?  Sign up for our upcoming Discover the Grounds Programs!  The next one is May 10 and will feature some of the native plants such as royal fern and bigleaf magnolia  that can make the landscape feel like a tropical paradise!

Linda DeBerry
Senior Copy Editor / Publications Manager

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