Crystal Bridges is open Wed. through Mon. with free, timed tickets required.

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Crystal Bridges is open Wed. through Mon. with free, timed tickets required.

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The Ramsay-Polk Family: Family Portraits in the Age of Social Distancing
April 27, 2020
The Odd Couple: Hollowell and Melchers
May 4, 2020
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Shop the Museum Store for our (Virtual) Member Double Discount Days

Members: Virtual Double Discount Days are happening! Each year, the Museum Store hosts Member Double Discount Days, where members get 20% off their store purchases. While the store is physically closed along with the rest of the museum to stop the spread of coronavirus, the Museum Store will still host this event virtually from Friday, May 8 to Monday to Monday, May 11.

Here’s how it works: 

  • Once you’ve determined your order, register for an ordering appointment and someone from the Museum Store will call you. If you want to learn more about a product, our dedicated Museum Store team will be happy to assist you. 
  • Once your order is complete via phone, we will arrange for curbside pickup, shipping, or in some cases, delivery.
  • Check out our event page for more FAQs about the ordering process.


Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, birthday gift, or just a small gift to send to a friend or family member to let them know you’re thinking about them during quarantine? Take a look at some of our exciting products in the “catalog” below to shop for the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

Not a member? Join today and save 20% off your Museum Store purchase!


For the fashion-minded:

Clockwise, starting at top left: 

  • Alex Katz (book): $69.95
  • Vision & Justice (Aperture 223) (book): $24.95
  • Lady Hold All/Planter: $15.95
  • Peepers “Terrazzo” Readers (glasses): $25
  • Susan Tinker Black/Orange Silk Scarf: $85
  • Susan Tinker Red/Black Silk Scarf: $85
  • Dandy Lion: The Black Dandy and Street Style (book): $35
  • Le Mondeur Silver Cat High Top Sneakers: $295
  • Kua Designs Abena Handbag (Blue/Orange): $135
  • Kua Designs Hema Mini Handbag (Yellow/Green/Red): $75
  • Christina Brampti Red, Cube Aluminium Cuff: $65
  • Christina Brampti Red Cord Magnetic Bracelet: $50
  • Christina Brampti Black/Herringbone Cord Magnetic Bracelet: $50
  • Valerie Alsbrook “Ou ap tombe, men m a kenbe ou” inspired beaded bracelet with magnetic clasp: $79
  • Valerie Alsbrook “From Siena to San Sepolcro” inspired beaded bracelet: $79
  • Christina Brampti Red and Black Earrings: $55
  • Christina Brampti Gold/Bronze/Black Cube Earrings $75
  • Christina Brampti Multi-Color Aluminum Cube Necklace: $120


For the pet parent:

Top, then bottom, left to right:

  • Orange Balloon Dog Bank: $60
  • Cats Have Dreams Too (print) by Zeek Taylor (11×14): $36
  • Cat Lover/Dog Lover Mug: $14.95
  • Cat Lady Car Stickers: $9.95
  • Magnetipups: $13.95
  • Cat Waiter’s Corkscrew: $16.95
  • Vintage Cats Greeting Cards: $12.99
  • Fetch! Bottle Opener (silver): $15.95
  • Patches: $7.95

Dog Lady

I Love Dogs

I Was Normal Three Cats Ago

I Got A Cattitude

Every Day is Caturday

  • Fat Cat Art: Famous Masterpieces Improved by a Ginger Cat with Attitude (book): $16
  • Be Curious Black Cat Journal: $8.99
  • Multi-Cat Journal: $8.99
  • Le Chat Noir Earrings: $35
  • 100 Dogs Who Changed Civilization (book): $14.95
  • 3-D Dog Cards: $9.50
  • Dog Days Flip Book and Notepad: $8.95


For the Hank Willis Thomas fan:

Left photo, clockwise, starting at left:

  • Love Over Rules Skateboard Set: $225
  • All Things Being Equal Catalog: $65
  • I Am Many Tote:  $25


Right photo, clockwise, starting at top left:

  • Love Over Rules Tee (Sizes Small-XXXL): $25
  • All Lies Matter Hoodie (Sizes Small-XL): $60
  • All Lies Matter Tee (Sizes Small-XXXL): $25
  • Prison Nation (Aperture 230): $24.95
  • Question Bridge: Black Males in America (book): $29.95
  • Vision & Justice (Aperture 223) (book): $24.95
  • Hank Willis Thomas Postcards: $3 each
  • All Things Being Equal Exhibition Catalog: $65


For the aspiring nature enthusiast:

From left to right:

  • Monday the Bullfrog (book): $24.99
  • ErgoErgo Active Sitting Stool Kids (Blue, Dark Green, Orange): $95
  • Peacock Colors: $28.50
  • ErgoErgo Active Sitting Stool Adult (Black, Blue, Light Green, ): $125
  • La Oruga Muy Hambrienta (The Hungry Caterpillar in Spanish) by Eric Carle: $10.99
  • Snail Whirls: 28.50
  • Garden Wheelbarrow Set: $90


For the puzzle lover (a great gift during quarantine!):

Top to bottom, left to right:

  • All Are Welcome: $16.99
  • Round Votes for Women: $22.95
  • Jumbo USA: $14.99
  • The United States: $18.50
  • Chihuly Icicle: $25
  • The Grand Canyon by Thomas Moran: $22
  • Andy Warhol Selfies: $16.99
  • Bugs and Birds Double Sided Puzzle: $16.99
  • Life on Earth: $17.95
  • Flowers: $13.99
  • Doodle Dogs: $13.99
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Gold Foil Imperial Hotel: $14.99
  • Andy Warhol Soup Cans 2-in-1: $15.99
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Gold Foil Saguaro: $19.99


For the interior decorator:

Clockwise, starting at left:

  • Dragonfly Hand Towel: $19.95
  • Dragonfly Throw Pillow: $78
  • Dragonfly Makeup Bag: $28.95
  • Dragonfly Coin Purse: $13.95
  • Dragonfly Tray: $19.95
  • Dragonfly Notebook: $15.95
  • Tiffany Dragonfly Lamp Luminary: $13.95
  • Motawi Dragonfly Tile: $40
  • Dragonfly Blanket: $60


Happy shopping!


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