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Common Name: White Trillium

Botanical Name: Trillium grandiflorum

Family: Liliaceae

Zone: 3-8

Height: 8-20″

Spread: 12-15″

Bloom Time: March, April

Bloom Description: Three large white petals overlap each other on a nodding stem (peduncle). The blooms are brilliant white until they fade to pink. This occurrence happens to let the bees know that the flowers have matured and to move on.

Trail/Garden Location: Planted at the Tulip Tree Shelter and on the Tulip Tree Trail in the beds to the south of Crystal Pond.

Garden Uses: One of the easiest trillium species to grow, it likes rich woodlands with part sun to light shade. Trilliums like moist, but well-drained soil. Use as a garden specimen or use as a mass planting to brighten up a shade garden.

Wildlife Benefits: Used as an early source of nectar.

Leaf Type: Whorls of three large leaves are solid green in color and will last weeks after blooms have matured.