Common Name: Hearts of Gold Eastern Redbud

Botanical Name: Hearts of Gold Eastern Redbud

Family: Fabaceae

Zone: 5-9

Height: 20-25’

Spread: 20-35’

Bloom Time: March, April

Bloom Description: Light pink flowers bloom in clusters along the branches before leaves emerge. This variety was discovered growing at a private residence in North Carolina.

Trail/Garden Location: Planted along the East Terrace and Art Trail.

Garden Uses: Hearts of Gold Redbud is a great choice for a specimen tree or in groupings. They like sunny conditions, but can benefit from shelter from the afternoon sun in the summer. Their golden leaf color is a great contrast to the greens of the summer garden. They like moist to average soil but can tolerate our rocky and clay soils in the Ozarks.

Wildlife Benefits: Used as an early source of nectar for pollinators.

Leaf Type: The characteristic heart-shaped leaves emerge as tiny orange or bronze hearts that mature to golden yellow.