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Fireworks Goldenrod
Fireworks Goldenrod
December 23, 2015
Crested Iris
Crested Iris
December 23, 2015
Double-flowered Bloodroot

Common Name: Double-flowered Bloodroot

Botanical Name: Sanguinaria canadensis ‘Multiplex’

Family: Papaveraceae

Zone: 4a-8a

Height: 6-10”

Spread: 10-12”

Bloom Time: March, April

Bloom Description: Double, brilliant white flowers sit on top of single stems. Flowers are water lily look-a-likes in early spring. Although the flowers last for a few days, an established colony will appear to last a lot longer.

Trail/Garden Location: Planted along the Tulip Tree Trail in the beds to the south of Crystal Pond.

Garden Uses: : One of the earliest spring ephemerals to bloom, they are best used as a specimen in the garden. They like woodland conditions with light sun to shade in well-drained soil. Double-flowered Bloodroot can be used as a groundcover, as the foliage can last into the summer months. This is one to show off to all the plant enthusiasts!

Wildlife Benefits: Used as an early source of nectar.

Leaf Type: The large, basal leaves are blue-green in color and resemble a sand dollar or mitten.