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Crested Iris
Crested Iris
December 23, 2015
Cardinal Flower
Cardinal Flower
December 23, 2015
Celandine Poppy

Common Name: Celandine Poppy

Botanical Name: Stylophorum diphyllum

Family: Papaveraceae

Zone: 4a-8a

Height: 12-20”

Spread: 12-15”

Bloom Time: March, April, May

Bloom Description: Golden yellow flowers with four rounded petals in early spring. The petals have the characteristic paper-like character of most poppies.

Trail/Garden Location: Planted along the Tulip Tree Trail, Overlook, and Rock Ledge Trail.

Garden Uses: A great native perennial that can be mixed with other native wildflowers for a stunning effect or used in mass plantings to brighten up a shaded garden. They like rich woodlands with part sun or shade and moist soil. Take note to plant with taller native perennials to hide the bare spots after the poppies go summer dormant.

Wildlife Benefits: Used as an early source of nectar.

Leaf Type: Dissected green leaves form a low-growing clump that appear before blooms.