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January 8, 2015
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January 15, 2015
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The New Year in Experience Art Studio!

Experience Art Studio is a fun place to play, learn, and explore!

Experience Art Studio is a fun place to play, learn, and explore!

It’s a new year and Experience Art Studio, or “EAS” as we like to call it, is sporting a new look and some updated activities to celebrate the arrival of 2015!

What is Experience Art Studio?

Experience Art Studio is a hands-on studio for creation where we seek to bring opportunities for you and your family to engage in creative play inspired by the collection and grounds at the Museum.  Art is for everyone at Crystal Bridges and in EAS we want to give guests of all ages the chance to create and experiment with art hands-on through drawing, building, performing, and playing.  We’ve even got gobs of books for readers big and small.  No matter your age, stop by the Studio the next time you’re at the Museum and find the activity that’s best suited for you.

If you’ve been in Experience Art Studio lately, you’ll notice that the space’s colorful mascots, the Beasties, have multiplied to inhabit the walls with shapes, colors, and art-making tools to encourage you to stop and play in the studio:

EAS view 3

Our listening station has gone away for another day.

Build up, build down, build around—whether you are a person who’s large or small, at the building station you can make it all!

But we’ve got two new tables for building,

Blocks 1

and exercising our art and engineering skills with creative blocks! Build up, build down, build around

blocks 3

Whether you are a person who’s large or small, at the building station you can make it all!

What kinds of structures will you create? Which are your favorite building blocks and tools?

Looking for inspiration on what to build?  Just turn around and have a look at our Gallery Playhouse:

Find out what it’s like to be a curator by experimenting with new arrangements for the artworks and gallery walls.  You can even make your own drawings to fit in the frames, just check in the basket below the gallery for frame-sized paper!

The Gallery Playhouse mimics the shape of Crystal Bridges' Twentieth-Century Gallery bridge.

The Gallery Playhouse mimics the shape of Crystal Bridges’ Twentieth-Century Gallery bridge.

playhouse sculptures

How many sculptures can you find?

playhouse people

Where will the guests stand to look at the artworks?

puppet theatre

Notice something different about the puppet theater?  Could it be a new haircut or color?

Our theater has grown bigger and better for guests of all ages to practice their acting and puppeteering skills behind those curtains.  Keep an eye out – more changes may be on the way.

The puppet arena has also expanded to include some new characters to join in your next play.

puppet stand

You’ll notice our excellent Woodland Creatures puppets inspired by the great outdoors.

hedgehog and beaver

Woodland finger puppets include everyone’s favorite hedgehog, and a beaver, too!


The mighty wolf will help keep predators at bay and loves to watch over you as you play.

sock puppets

A few new hand puppets have joined the gang with their unique shapes and colors.  Who says a dog can’t be striped with blue ears to match the lovely face of his savannah pal, the giraffe?

So come in soon and try out our new gear. The Beasties would like to see you here!

We’ve also added a few people puppets into the mix.

people puppets

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