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Museum Speaker’s Bureau shares information about “Border Cantos” exhibition

Wall, Jacumba, California, Richard Misrach, 2009 from "Border Cantos: Sight and Sound Explorations from the Mexican-American Border."

Opening February 18, Border Cantos: Sight & Sound Explorations from the Mexican- American Border  features beautiful landscape images, haunting musical compositions, and sound sculptures made from objects found along the border—all created by artists Guillermo Galindo and Richard Misrach. It’s an unusual partnership between an American-born photographer and a Mexican-born artist working in a variety of media.


Guillermo Galindo, playing "Effigy."

Guillermo Galindo, playing “Effigy.”

With the borderlands as their focus, these artists have taken on challenging territory, as immigration continues to be a controversial topic around the globe. This exhibition offers plenty of art, and plenty of food for thought. And that’s why Crystal Bridges is hitting the road, reaching out to share information beyond the Museum’s walls.


Richard Misrach, photographer

Richard Misrach, photographer

Members of the exhibition team, along with members of our Latino/Hispanic exhibition advisory group, are fanning out into the community to meet people and give presentations about the exhibition at Rotary clubs, libraries, schools, churches, and other community centers.


Members of the Border Cantos exhibition advisory group provide feedback to the Crystal Bridges exhibition team last December.

Members of Crystal Bridges Hispanic/Latino Advisory Group meet to discuss Border Cantos

Members of Crystal Bridges Hispanic/Latino Advisory Group meet to discuss Border Cantos


Join us at one of these locations to hear about Border Cantos: Sight & Sound Explorations from the Mexican-American Border. We’ll provide an overview of the exhibition, offer insights about what to expect during your visit, and answer any questions. Border Cantos presents a timely and relevant arts experience to spark meaningful conversations in our community.


Click here to view an updated listing of Community Partners presentations.







For more information about the exhibition and related programs taking place at Crystal Bridges, look here:

Border Cantos: Sight & Sound Explorations from the Mexican-American Border

Richard Misrach | Guillermo Galindo

February 18 – April 24, 2017

Presented in English and Spanish, Border Cantos offers perspective on the challenges of migration, inviting us to bridge boundaries.

Admission to Crystal Bridges and Border Cantos is free.



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