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Crystal Bridges is open Wed. through Mon. with free, timed tickets required.

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March 28, 2014
The Standing Dead: The passing of trees at Crystal Bridges.
April 2, 2014
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“Dogs Playing Poker” Collection to Debut at Crystal Bridges

"Poker Sympathy" C.M. C

Crystal Bridges today announces its recent acquisition of an entire collection of iconic artworks that have been known and loved by generations of Americans.  The collection, which comprises 16 oil paintings by C.M. Coolidge, is most popularly known as “Dogs Playing Poker” and includes such classics as A Friend in Need, and Poker Sympathy.

"Poker Sympathy" C.M. C

I “Poker Sympathy” C.M. Coolidge

The acquisition is the culmination of five years of searching by curators, aided by the professional art sleuth firm Marmaduke and Baskerfield, who have been on the trail of the elusive collection since before the Museum opened to the public.

“It was really ruff hunting down these works,” commented Crystal Bridges Executive Director Rod Bigelow, “but our curatorial team pursued them with dogged determination.”

In garnering these works for their collection, Crystal Bridges’ team ruthlessly outmaneuvered the Chrysler Museum of Art‘s attempt at acquiring the works for themselves.  “We were just better at sniffing out the right sources, I guess,” said Art Sleuth Scooby Baskerfield. “The Chrysler didn’t have a cat’s chance.”

Dog topiary concept designs by Steve Manning.

Dog topiary concept designs by Steve Manning.

The works will be the centerpiece exhibits in the Museum’s new Canine Gallery, an interactive dog-friendly facility that will include dog-shaped topiary crafted from native shrubs, a gourmet dog-biscuit café, and access to Crystal Bridges’ lower pond where canine visitors can drop in a for a cool-off on a hot day. (Pending piranha eradication efforts currently underway.)

Local dog lovers are excited about the new addition, but there has been some opposition from the area’s feline fanciers.

Crazy Cat Lady

Image source:–rooms-cost-3-700-night-share-700-furry-friends.html

“Not only is it outright discrimination, it’s just plain silly,” commented one local woman, who lives, with 22 cats named Sam, in a home not far from the Museum. “Everyone knows dogs have absolutely no appreciation for art.  It’s a complete waste.”

A local feline support group has begun a petition program to encourage Crystal Bridges curators to give equal time to cats, pressing for the installation of a cat wing at the Museum to replace the current library facilities.  “You could even keep the shelves,” one supporter explained. “Cats love to climb on shelves.”

Nyan Cat

Nyan Cat

While the future of this project does seem uncertain at best, it is rumored that the Museum and area cat enthusiasts are in negotiation over the possible loop screening of Nyan Cat videos in the Museum restaurant, Eleven, while talks commence.

NOTE:   April Fools.  Dogs do, too, have an appreciation for art.

Linda DeBerry
Senior Copy Editor / Publications Manager

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