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Behind the Scenes at an Eleven Photoshoot

Photographer Stephen Ironside bosses Crystal Bridges Culinary and Event Director Case Dighero around in the Eleven kitchen while Museum graphic designer Laura Hicklin (who designs the magazine, by the way) does grip duty with the lights and reflector. Photo by Crystal Bridges Creative Director Anna Vernon.

I don’t make a regular habit of reposting anyone else’s blog posts… but I believe this calls for an exception.


Several months ago, as we were planning for the five-year anniversary issue of C magazine, Crystal Bridges’ publication for Members, we brought in professional photographer Stephen Ironside to get a really dynamic shot of a couple of members of our culinary crew–Executive Chef Bill Lyle and Culinary Director Case Dighero–at work.  These guys are a couple of cuisine powerhouses, and we wanted to get some sense of both the seriousness with which they take the food at Eleven and their less reverent and whimsical qualities. (If you’ve ever seen Dighero at work hosting a monthly WOW event, you know what I’m talking about.)  Here’s the spread we ended up with:


C magazine Volume 5, issue 3, December 2016.

C magazine Volume 5, issue 3, December 2016.


Today Case brought it to my attention that Stephen had posted an article on about the challenges of shooting in the hot, steamy, reflective, and oddly lit space of Eleven’s commercial kitchen.  Stephen’s post is engaging and funny, and the images are really great, so I’ll let him tell this story for me! (Thanks, Stephen!)

So, dear Reader, I encourage you to check it out:  here.


Oh, and, we have the answer to Stephen’s question at the end of his post:  why did we combine two images for our final layout?

Stephen was right about us needing a dark background on the left-hand side to provide better contrast for the overlay of the white text.

But as for the right side, well, our magazine designer, Laura Hicklin, just liked the image of Case standing better than others, so she cut and pasted. Some guys carry off that whole spoon-in-the-mouth-while-pouring-a-drink  thing so well.



Linda DeBerry
Senior Copy Editor / Publications Manager

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