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October 17, 2013
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October 19, 2013
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Autumn Leaves in the Crystal Bridges Library

I discovered yet another amazing color plate book while researching Autumn themes. Titled  Autumn Leaves from American Woods, painted by Mrs. C.,Twisleton, and illustrated by  Mrs. H. Cholmondeley, it is a charming 30-page book published in 1856.

The work features nine leaves of calligraphy and six life-size watercolor plates, accompanied by poetic passages such as:


The Sumach, richly dyed In all its pomp of pride Is spreading far & wide Its “roseate canopy” But the surpassing fair A vapour lurketh there Impregnating the air Like the deadly Upas tree.

  Many of the leaf varieties illustrated in Autumn Leaves can be seen on the Museum grounds.

Plan ahead and explore the changing leaves along the Crystal Bridges’ trails, and then stop in at Crystal Bridges’ Library to view this beautiful book.

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