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Anderson & Roe Coming to Crystal Bridges

Q: What do Queen, Michael Jackson, Mozart, the Beatles, Bach, Taylor Swift, Coldplay, and Daft Punk all have in common?

A: The Anderson & Roe Piano Duo have covered them in an exquisite display of musical prowess and visual uniqueness.

Greg Anderson & Elizabeth Joy Roe are Juilliard-trained Steinway Artists who make up the duo, Anderson & Roe. Their aim is to make classical music a relevant and powerful force around the world.

In the season’s final Van Cliburn Concert Series performance, Anderson & Roe will be coming to Crystal Bridges on Friday, November 22 to play a concert of popular classical and pop music, each uniquely presented with the pair’s own style of piano music and performance.


Get to know a little more about Anderson & Roe here, and see some of their performances below:

Photo courtesy of Lisa-Marie Mazzucco

Anderson & Roe met in 2000 as freshmen at The Juilliard School and formed their dynamic musical partnership shortly thereafter. In 2006, given only two months to compose and prepare, they gave the world premiere of their own composition, Four Fantasies on Themes from Star Wars, replacing John Williams on Juilliard’s “Cinema Serenades” concert in Alice Tully Hall.

They have since toured extensively, with notable recitals in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Estonia, Romania, Israel, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand and most major US cities, as well as in nearly every New York City venue imaginable, from Carnegie Hall to children’s hospitals.


Photo courtesy of Lisa-Marie Mazzucco

Their five critically acclaimed albums have spent dozens of weeks at the top of the Billboard Classical Charts, while their Emmy-nominated, self-produced music videos have been viewed by millions on YouTube and at international film festivals.

Their music videos are dreamy, set against surreal landscapes paired with aesthetics found in editorial high-fashion. They’ve performed in fields, barns, sidewalks, and even a roller-skating rink (scroll below!). They’ve played pianos on fire, pianos consumed by water and bubbles, pianos indoors, pianos outdoors, and they never miss a note.

Whether they are playing dueling pianos or sitting at the same bench playing one piano at the same time, they are always in sync, and their intricate, unique melodies of popular classical and pop music songs transport you to a fantasy world.


Anderson & Roe believe strongly in the communicative potential of music, and their performances, compositions, websites, videos, recordings, and writings all serve this mission, bringing joy to people around the world.

Photo courtesy of Lisa-Marie Mazzucco

As stated by the Northwest Reverb, “[Anderson & Roe] swept the audience into a cheering mass of humanity, making a strong case that playing piano is the most fun thing that two people could ever do together.”

In another example of the pair taking an existing song and putting their own unique spin on it, watch as Anderson & Roe perform Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” on the piano in the video below.


As one publication stated, Anderson & Roe are like:

“Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers transposed from the dance floor to the keyboard.” — The Southampton Press


Don’t miss Anderson & Roe at Crystal Bridges on November 22! Get your tickets here.



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