Crystal Bridges is open Wed. through Mon. with free, timed tickets required.

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Crystal Bridges is open Wed. through Mon. with free, timed tickets required.

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A Museum Enthusiast is Born

As a rising high school senior, Crystal Bridges Intern, Tyler Sheard spent six weeks in the summer of 2016 learning about many different departments in the museum. Then, after graduating high school, he came back this summer for more in-depth training in three departments. He’s wrapping up this summer’s internship, and we asked him to share his thoughts about his experience over the last two years:


The past vs. the present: An intern’s perspective over two summers at Crystal Bridges

Last summer, summer 2016, I was introduced to this miracle in the middle of the trees by the name of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Not only was this a museum or an organization, it was a family. From the moment you drive onto the property, walk the trails, and come through the doors, you are a part of the family. The smiles that greet you when you first come in and the smiles you see when you walk around the museum could light up the building if the electricity went out.


Crystal Bridges came to my home town to interview rising high school seniors for an intern position for the summer. Before I came to Crystal Bridges I had no experience with a museum at all other than going to small ones when I was a kid. I had no appreciation for art. I didn’t know all that goes into that art, I thought it just hang on the wall. During my residency here, I got to visit every department—both behind the scenes and in the front of house—and see the endless effort of the people to make Crystal Bridges the great success that it is. I spent six weeks at the museum and enjoyed every second of every minute. When I came back to Helena last summer I was non-stop talking about my experience, even at school.


This summer, summer 2017, I decided I wanted to come back and spend my summer again with my Crystal Bridges family. This summer was pretty intense. I’ve been working more as an employee and not an intern, which I deeply enjoy. I came back to intern in the Culinary, Exhibitions, and Prep departments. I enjoyed every task I received and the pressure that came behind them. I someday hope to come to the area as a resident and become an actual employee at Crystal Bridges and just enjoy my family.


Crystal Bridges Intern Tyler Sheard with Director of Culinary Programming ad Events Case Dighero. Photo by Marc F. Henning

As my time winds down for this summer I want my Crystal Bridges family to know I love them so dearly and they will always be close to my heart.


Linda DeBerry
Senior Copy Editor / Publications Manager

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