About the Artinfusion Advisory Council

Are you a driven, forward-thinking, creative mind looking for ways to expand your presence in the arts community? Consider applying for a seat on the Artinfusion Advisory Council! You’ll gain a leadership platform in the museum and help chart the course of Artinfusion programming, all while growing your social and professional networks.  

The Advisory Council has four core purposes:

  • Artinfusion member recruitment
  • Building awareness of Artinfusion in social and professional contexts
  • Advising on programming and events
  • Building connections between the museum and key stakeholders (community organizations, local and regional advisory boards, etc).

Council meetings are held at the museum every third Monday of the month from 6:30 to 8 p.m. During these meetings, Advisors review progress and assign next steps for ongoing projects and goals, provide feedback on past Artinfusion programs, advise on upcoming programs, and receive updates on happenings around the museum.

In recognition of their service to the museum, Artinfusion Advisors enjoy special benefits including invitations to Director’s Receptions, advanced notice of Artinfusion programs and ticket availability, and other unique opportunities as they arise (such as exclusive tours of the Momentary).

Advisor Expectations

Advisor Expectations
  1. Council Meeting Participation
    1. “Participation” encompasses physical attendance at meetings or remote contributions such as sharing presenter suggestions or completing other tasks.
    2. There are ten regular monthly meetings throughout the year in addition to a day-long planning retreat in July and a Council end-of-year gathering in December.
      1. Expected participation: minimum of five regular monthly meetings and the day-long planning retreat in July.
  2. Artinfusion Signature Event Participation
    1. “Participation” encompasses physical attendance at events either as a guest, an event volunteer, or host for a corporate group, as well as remote contributions such as promotions (in person or online via social media).
    2. There are three Signature Events each year: Black Hearts Ball (February), Summer Fling (June, July, or August), Halloween in the Hollow (October).
      1. All artinfusion Advisors are expected to participate in and attend signature events as individual schedules allow.
  3. Recruitment of new artinfusion Members
    1. Advisors will be actively engaged in the implementation of recruitment tactics such as co-hosting corporate groups at the Museum and offsite alongside Museum staff, making introductions between Museum staff and key community stakeholders, and other projects as requested.
  4. Museum Support and Advocacy
    1. All Advisors must have a current Crystal Bridges + artinfusion Membership.
      1. Some Advisors may receive a complimentary Membership as a representative of a sponsor or community partner; if this is not the case it is the Advisor’s responsibility to purchase a Membership and to keep their account in good standing over the course of their term(s) on the Council.
    2. Remain current and knowledgeable of Museum happenings, including artinfusion programming, special exhibitions, and other important Museum occasions (i.e. Crystal Bridges’ anniversaries, new acquisitions, etc).
    3. Actively promote the Museum and artinfusion in the community through social media and among peers in social and professional contexts.
    4. Complete Crystal Bridges’ volunteer onboarding and participate as volunteers as individual schedules allow.
  5. Term Length
    1. The standard term length will be two years with the option to renew for an additional term at the end of the second year.
      1. After two consecutive terms an Advisor must take one year off before reapplying.