Get Outside Your World

At Crystal Bridges, we believe art is meant to get you out of your everyday world, to inspire you to look around through a new filter and experience your surroundings in a different way. Artinfusion, a special affinity group within Crystal Bridges’ membership, helps you bring that belief to life among a group of active, socially connected adults!

So, what is Artinfusion?? Well, it’s an engaging program designed to help expand the region’s art, entertainment, and social scene by offering exclusive and unique experiences to Crystal Bridges members ages 21-40s. The Artinfusion program is designed by young professionals for young professionals providing year-round opportunities to escape the everyday, expand  your experience, and get outside your world.

Artinfusion brings creativity into your life through its signature parties, gets you into a new scene through exclusive off-site excursions, broadens your social circle through art-augmented happy hours and networking events, and much more.

How To Join

If you’re already a Crystal Bridges member (and you should be), then it’s only an additional $35 for Individual members and $55 for Dual/Family members. With all of Artinfusion’s notable events each year, you’re saving more than $150 annually! So, what are you waiting for? Join Artinfusion TODAY!

Still not convinced? Attend our next signature party as a guest. When the party ends and you’re stuck looking forward to the next one, give us a call and we’ll put the money you paid for your ticket toward your Artinfusion membership fee! Then you can begin to enjoy the spirit of Artinfusion at monthly events and programs, and start getting to know other Artinfusion members.

Ready to get outside your world?

Get started as a Crystal Bridges member and add Artinfusion today. Click here!

Already a member? Call 479.418.5728 and tell them you’d like to add Artinfusion to your membership!