Orchard Trail

Length: 1/2 mile

Surface: hard surface, walking and biking trail

Difficulty: Gentle slope

The Orchard Trail provides access to Crystal Bridges’ main entrance from Orchards Park and NE J Street. The trail features an evergreen forest made up of several species of pine trees as well as Eastern red cedars. This trail connects the Museum’s Additional Parking area with the main entrance, and also connects with the Tulip Tree and Dogwood Trails.

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Images of the Orchard Trail

Art on Orchard Trail

Grains of Sand by Robert Tannen
Robert Tannen
Grains of Sand
Native stone

Grains of Sand, by conceptual artist Robert Tannen, encourages exploration of the Museum grounds, in a kind of sculpture scavenger hunt. Fifteen Arkansas boulders of native limestone and sandstone are placed along the trails. The title, Grains of Sand, and the boulders themselves, refer to the ancient sedimentary rock in the Ozarks.