Art Trail

Art Trail

Length: 1/3 mile

Surface: hard surface, walking and biking trail

Difficulty: Moderate slope

The Art Trail features several outdoor sculptures, an amphitheater, and access to artist James Turrell’s Skyspace structure, The Way of Color. The Art Trail also connects the Museum’s south entrance to the Crystal Bridges Trail. This trail provides access to springs, and features many native plants, including cone flowers, American basket flowers, and black-eyed susans.

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Images of the Art Trail

Art on the Art Trail

The Way of Color by James Turrell
James Turrell
The Way of Color
Stone, concrete, stainless steel, and LED lighting
228 x 652 in. (579.1 x 1656.1 cm)

© James Turrell. Photography by Timothy Hursley

James Turrell has referred to himself as a “sculptor of light.” Precisely crafted from native stone, Turrell’s Skyspace, The Way of Color, provides a view of the sky altered by stunning lighting effects that change with the light and weather conditions outside, creating a unique experience for each viewer.

Shore Lunch by Dan Ostermiller
Dan Ostermiller
Shore Lunch

Dan Ostermiller’s subjects are animals—wild and domestic—captured in expressive, natural poses that suggest hints of personality. The surface of the work is important to the artist—who has paid particular attention to the marks, folds, and textures that describe the bear’s form.

Stella by André Harvey
André Harvey

André Harvey works from direct observation to create portraits of his animal subjects, capturing the character and disposition of each creature. Stella was sculpted initially in clay, then cast in bronze from a mold, and weighs inat a hefty 560 pounds.