I have a question about a work in the Museum’s collection and would like to speak to a curator.

Please email your question to [email protected]. This is the best way to contact a curator. All correspondence received at this address will be routed to the appropriate member of the curatorial staff.

I am interested in researching an artist/artwork in the collection.

The Crystal Bridges Library offers an extensive collection of art reference materials and is open during all Museum public hours. You can search the Library catalog by clicking on the following link:

I have art that I would like to sell/loan/donate.

We do occasionally consider works from unconventional sources if they fit within our outlined acquisition goals. If you have artwork that you are interested in selling/loaning/donating, please send images and detailed information about the work to [email protected]. Offers of this nature are reviewed on a quarterly basis. Due to the large number of offers we receive, we cannot guarantee a response to your inquiry unless there is a serious interest in pursuing the work for acquisition. We ask that you do not bring or send any original artwork to the Museum as we cannot be held responsible for its safe keeping or its return.

What does Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art collect?

Crystal Bridges collects painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, and installation art. At this point, we are not focusing on decorative arts, natural history specimens, historical artifacts, or artworks that were created outside of the United States by artists who were not born in, reside in, or otherwise have strong connections to the United States.

I would like to submit an exhibition proposal to Crystal Bridges.

Please email your exhibition packet to [email protected]. The information will then be passed on to our Exhibition Committee. Our committee meets monthly to review all exhibition proposals. If there is any interest in hosting your exhibition, you will be contacted. Please keep in mind that we do not review solo exhibitions.

I want my work included in the Crystal Bridges collection. What is Crystal Bridges’ submission process?

We appreciate your interest in submitting your work. However, at this time we are unable to review any unsolicited offers of artists’ work for the collection or exhibitions.

Can I bring/mail my original artwork to the Museum for someone to look at?

We ask that you do not bring or send any original artwork to the Museum as we cannot be held responsible for its safe keeping or its return.

I own artwork that I think might be valuable. Can Crystal Bridges assess its value or determine its authenticity?

Unfortunately, Museum policy does not permit us to comment on the authenticity or value of works of art. However, we can supply you with the following list of suggested appraisers, both regional and national.

Download Appraisal Referrals