Trails & Grounds

Trails & Grounds

The trails and grounds of Crystal Bridges are a must-see part of the Museum experience. More than 3.5 miles of trails wind through the Museum’s 120-acre site, providing guests with access to the beautiful Ozark landscape. Designed to spark the imagination, the trails help guests form connections to the land and its history, as well as enjoy outdoor artworks.
Outdoor app

NEW! Crystal Bridges Outdoors App

This free app for Apple and Android devices offers interactive trail maps, art and plant guides, and audio-tour information about many of the fascinating features of Crystal Bridges’ grounds. Users may select favorite features to create a personalized tour, and upload and share photos of their own discoveries on the Crystal Bridges trails!

Trails & Grounds Blog

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  • Introducing CB Outdoors! - Spring is in full bloom, and everyone seems to be getting outdoors! We’ve been anticipating this change at Crystal Bridges for a long time—so much so that our Digital Media department teamed up with our Trails and Grounds department to figure out a way to make our outdoor Trails and Grounds even more enjoyable for... Read more »
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